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Yellowdig Engage Product Release 8/17


  • New capability to paste a community template link into the community creation form to import settings and content

New network graph data visualization page (BETA). Reach out to if you'd like to try this feature

New and improved post interface style, which visually nests comments underneath posts and displays a stronger separation between individual posts in the feed

  • New Single Sign On support (SAML 2.0)

Smaller collapsed state for posts you've marked as "read"

  • Periodic auto-saving of post and comment drafts

  • Updated the recover password email flow to support multiple recovery emails in tandem

  • Updated capabilities for request to join discoverable boards with admin interface to approve or deny such requests

  • Made post titles a required field when submitting posts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that was causing visual latency when submitting a post

  • Fixed a bug where topics were duplicated when copying settings and content between two distinct boards

  • Fixed bug where network branding was not being correctly inherited from the parent network in the network hierarchy tree

  • Fixed bug that was pulling unnecessary data to render the community settings page and subpages

  • Added some security improvements


Reach out to us at


Brian Hurlow is the Director of Technology at Yellowdig.

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