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April Product Update

Coming Soon to Yellowdig's Engage Platform

You suggested, and we listened! Our Dev team has been working hard to update the Yellowdig Engage platform with great new features to improve the platform for instructors and learners alike.

A new and improved post editor experience is coming soon that will allow you to do more when creating posts and comments and do so more easily. These updates will be made available in communities starting April 2022:

  1. Code Block Editor

  2. Updated Emoji Picker

  3. More Image Support

  4. Easier File Uploading

  5. New Image Annotation Feature

  6. New Tables Feature

Now let's dive into more specific details about these updates, and how you can best utilize them.

Code Block Editor

Our code block editor will allow you to display code in more than 50 programming languages. You can utilize this feature-- especially in STEM classes-- to compare solutions to coding challenges, ask for help from peers about issues with your code, or display syntax in different languages.

Updated Emoji Picker