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Yellowdig Engage

Transform your learners from mere consumers of information to explorers of knowledge on each course topic as a community of inquiry.

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An Engagement Crisis in Higher Education

Synchronous sessions are limited to the few hours each week that learners are brought together, where often times instructors are struggling to gain the attention of their students. Much of a students’ real learning occurs in the time spent outside of class. 

A need for deeper learning, student success

Persistence and drop-out rates

Disillusioned faculty 

Yellowdig Engage offers a paradigm shift that drives students to interact with their peers and instructors in organic and meaningful ways. 



Yellowdig Engage

Continue Conversations After Class

 Students can pull examples from current events and their lives that connect to the class’s content, making the material more relevant to them.

Form a Supportive Community

Students often go beyond simple Q&A and will encourage each other through hard times, share study advice, and teach each other new things that they are experts in.

Synthesize Learnings

The conversation doesn’t have to stop when the class moves on from a topic either,  students can draw connections from week 6’s topic all the way back to the topic that was covered in week 2, ultimately synthesizing better learning.

Drive Organic Conversations

Yellowdig's patented gameful learning point system motivates students to start conversations early and create content their peers will want to interact with. 

Timely Peer Support

Students no longer rely on sending panicked emails to their instructor or just the few classmates that live in the same dorm, but instead they can tap into their network from the class in Yellowdig to ask and answer questions any time they need it. 

Inform Your Teaching with Data

Yellowdig provides robust analytics of communities to help spot at risk student and topics the class needs more time on. Also, glean topics for class from posts.

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Yellowdig allowed me to interact with my peers virtually to have a sense of community where it wouldn't have been otherwise. It also allowed us to communicate about related, but not required, topics.

Jordan T.


Clemson University

Use Cases

Yellowdig Engage is intended for use in the academic setting, typically courses. We also encourage institutions who adopt Engage to create a faculty community of practice. 


Course Communities


Faculty Communities


Yellowdig Engage communities boost organic student engagement and drive meaningful results for our client partners. 

Increased Engagement &



Faculty Time on Routine Grading

Increased Student Persistence

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"Live classes are traditionally viewed as the pinnacle of the weekly college experience, but these results show that Yellowdig may have more importance to the overall student experience."

Sean Preuss

Educational Specialist

Bryan University


What's included?

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Study with Large Online University

This study was conducted with a large fully-online university with 30k Full Time Enrollment / 50k unique Learners per year. They Offer Bachelor's Degrees, Master’s Degrees, and Doctoral Programs.

7.7% Year-over-year (YoY) Course Completion Rate Improvement

Estimated $120k in additional course tuition revenue per 1k learners.

5.3% YoY Registration Rate (Progression) Improvement

Estimated $730k in additional annual tuition revenue per 1k learners.

50% Reduction in Faculty Grading Time

Increased impact of instructor time spent on their students. 


Hear directly from our clients

See more quotes from faculty and students on our use cases page.


See the platform in action and explore our partnership plans:

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