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Hear directly from Yellowdig users & see communities in action. Sign-up for upcoming webinars & watch recording of past events.

Upcoming webinars and events

Education 3.0: Connecting the Learning Experience

Thursday, February 16th from 2 pm - 2:45 pm ET

Join Shaunak Roy, Founder and CEO of Yellowdig, in his webinar series featuring leaders across education. 

In this episode, Shaunak is joined by Dr. Susan Aldridge - a highly accomplished and widely recognized higher education leader, strategist, and futurist, Dr. Susan Aldridge has held executive leadership positions in some of the country’s largest universities.

This is a webinar you won't want to miss!


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Webinars designed for current Yellowdiggers

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Whether you're a new or advanced Yellowdigger, join our client success team to learn about Yellowdig's best practices and get all your Yellowdig questions answered in our *new* monthly Level Up with Yellowdig sessions.

We encourage you to attend as many as you are able!

Past Webinars and Events


Education 3.0: Connecting the Learning Experience

Request Previous Episodes from the Series

Shaunak Roy discuss pressing questions with education leaders. This is a must-watch for anyone looking to stay up to date on the latest needs of modern learners and strategies that institutions at the forefront of education are using to navigate this unpredictable future. 

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Rethinking Learning Experiences: From MOOCs to In-Person Classes

October 5, 2022

As a platform that aims at turning every classroom into an active learning community, we at Yellowdig realize that students require more of a sense of community at school and a sense of connection with other students. However, the paradigm shifts post-pandemic saw various trends in adopting online education. Dr. Lisa Finkelstein, a professor who has been with NIU for over twenty-six years, recently joined us in sharing her experiences in rethinking learning experiences from MOOCs to in-person classes. Her observations are pretty captivating. Watch how Dr. Finkelstein brought about the change in improving the sense of community. 

Yellowdig Guest Webinar Featuring Mark Rom of Georgetown University

November 21, 2022

Dr. Mark Carl Rom is an Associate Professor of Government and Public Policy at the McCourt School of Public Policy and the Department of Government at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. In this webinar, he will be joined by Yellowdig's Head of Client Success, Bob Ertischek, to discuss how he has driven engagement in his government and public policy courses through online communities.

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Integrating Real-World Relevance in Your Course

September 19, 2022

Hear from Ken Murphy from UCI about how he leveraged learning communities to tap into meaningful student experiences and real-world connections. Across the different levels he teaches from Executive MBA to undergraduate business classes, Ken has embraced the opportunity to have students facilitate their own discussions around how course material applies to the real world and their own lives. From discussing case studies to interviewing business professionals, Ken will share how he has unlocked a key to meaningful student engagement.

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How to Drive Online Student Engagement for Deeper Learning

September 23, 2022

In this fireside chat-style webinar, Eric and Elizabeth share their experiences effectively empowering students to engage in their online courses. Given their vastly different subject matters, each speak to the different techniques they used to drive meaningful conversations and engagement around their course topics. They also highlight how they used their Yellowdig Communities to create a connected learning experience for their students. 

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Using Yellowdig to Create Business Education Learning Communities

August 25th, 2022

The presenters will discuss the importance of social presence in all education settings. The presenters will also discuss how a connected learning experience helps students to succeed and improve retention. Attendees will learn how a community can be created in online, in-person, and hybrid classes by leveraging Yellowdig's technology. They'll hear stories of how Yellowdig communities have been successfully implemented to shift unenjoyable time grading for instructors to worthwhile time spent interacting with students while boosting student satisfaction and success.

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Empowering Learners Through Community Building in Yellowdig

August 24th, 2022

Hear directly from Julie Moss, a psychology instructor at Missouri Southern State University, who successfully created a connected learning experience for her students. Julie will share how she leveraged Yellowdig in her Blackboard-based course to create a meaningful community for students while driving positive learning outcomes. Bob Ertischek, Yellowdig's Senior Community Success Consultant  moderated the webinar.

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The Instructional Designer Perspective: Designing Cognitive Presence Into Courses

Wednesday, July 13th, at 2PM (ET)

In this 60 minute webinar, you'll hear from Jennifer Werner Instructional Designer, and Madeline Gombis, Instructional Designer Associate. Both panelists are from the MLF Teachers College, Arizona State University. Jennifer will root the conversation in her research in cognitive presence. The designers will share their experience designing courses that are rich in cognitive presence. They'll share their techniques for faculty adoption and use of technology. As a Quality Matters (QM) school, they will discuss their experience following best practices. Debra Olberding will be moderating the panel, as a former Instructional Designer, and a current Community Success Consultant at Yellowdig.

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The Experience of Today's Learners: Navigating Education in an Uncertain World

Monday, March 28th at 2 PM (ET)

A chat with Five student users of Yellowdig. Listen as we gather a University of Arizona- Eller College of Management student and Yellowdig facilitator, an Arizona State University student, and a student at the University of Vermont to discuss their experiences using the Yellowdig platform. Moderated by Yellowdig's Marketing Intern & previous Yellowdig user Melissa Braun.

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Driving Retention by Leveraging Student Communities and Data Insights

Wednesday, June 15th, at 4PM (ET)

a vibrant conversation between Yellowdig and Online Education Services (OES) titled “Leveraging Student Communities and Data Insights Drives Retention.” Yellowdig and OES partnered together after one of OES’s partner institution’s student survey found that student connectedness and the opportunity to network were two key components learners were looking for in their education. Together, they responded by creating an online Yellowdig welcome community and OES gathered data insights from the community and LMS. They quickly found that student connectedness also impacted persistence early in the student journey. In this webinar two OES team members, Pavan Gamage, the Director of Analytics Services, and Sacha Nouwens, the Executive Director of Student Experience and Insights will share their insights into how the actionable data models they created for their partner led to significant increases in student persistence. 

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Learning Communities: A Catalyst for Resilient Students & Inclusive Assessment Practices

Friday, May 26th at 4 PM (ET)

he pandemic revealed the power of learning communities and their influence on student inclusivity, resilience, and success. This interactive conversation guides participants through the benefits of a community-based approach that influences personal/professional growth, fosters resilience, and drives us towards a more inclusive model for assessing learning.

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Incorporating Real-World Learning with Community Simulations

Wednesday, April 20th, at 1 PM (ET)

 A conversation with Benjamin Rifkin, Ph.D., a Professor of Russian at Hofstra University, and Yellowdig's Senior Community Success Consultant Bob Ertischek. The conversation will touch on Dr. Rifkin's experience in creating simulations to increase historical understanding in his Russian courses, as well as how he ties real-world examples into course topics.

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Learn to Build Community and Spark Engagement for Community College Students

Monday, March 28th at 2 PM (ET)

Effective teaching in community colleges is harder now than ever before. This webinar sheds light on how two Aims Community College faculty members found ways to effectively drive active learning in today's classroom. Participants learn how pedagogy and technology choices enable a deeper level of connection and conversation in the classroom.

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Toward Resilient Teaching and Learning: Lessons Learned from COVID

Tuesday, March 1st, at 1 PM (EST)

An hour-long webinar that explores the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on teaching and learning, as well as the tools, techniques, and modalities that help educators achieve pedagogical objectives that suit modern learners. The webinar features Michael Feldstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Argos Education, Dr. Vicky Crittenden, Professor of Marketing at Babson College, Dr. Jess Ballenger, Clinical Professor at Drexel University, and Shaunak Roy,Yellowdig’s Founder and CEO.

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The Future of Higher Education

Monday, January 24, 2022 at 1 PM (EST)

An interactive webinar on the future of higher education featuring Dr. Joshua Kim, Director of Online Programs and Strategy at Dartmouth College, Dr. Geneviene Feliú, Vice President of Innovation at Capella University, and Shaunak Roy, Founder and CEO of Yellowdig. The webinar touched on how the higher education ecosystem will look like, the potential roles of teaching faculty, and how students will learn differently in the ever-evolving higher education landscape. 

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All about bookstore inclusive access: Addressing the what, how, and why

Tuesday, Dec 7th at 1PM (EST)

Hear from Aaron Ochoa, Director of the UC Davis Stores, and Dr. Ivis King, an assistant professor at Clark Atlanta University! Aaron talked thoroughly about the what, why, and how of the inclusive access model and how it compares to the equitable access model. In the second half of the webinar, Ivis her experience with using Yellowdig as part of an inclusive access bundle. 

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Social and Experiential Learning

Monday, December 6th, at 2PM (EST)

Hear from two industry leaders, Rob Cohen, a Strategic Advisor at 2U, and Dr. Mark Milliron, a Senior Vice President and Executive Dean of the Teachers College at Western Governors University. Rob and Mark unpacked the importance of social & experiential learning by discussing research, digital transformation, challenges, and opportunities to make learning more active, engaging, and learner-driven in the rapidly evolving higher education landscape. The webinar was moderated by Yellowdig's founder and CEO, Shaunak Roy.

"It helped to know I wasn't alone" A Success Story From The University of Tampa

Friday, November 5th at 1 PM EST.

Hear a success story from Aimee Whiteside, an Associate Professor of English and Writing at The University of Tampa. The session was moderated by Jamie Snow, a Partnerships Specialist at Yellowdig.

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Practical Tips for Faculty Presence In any Modality

Thursday, September 23rd at 1 PM (EST)

An hour-long webinar on tips for faculty presence featuring Senior Academic Liaison, Bob Ertischek, J.D, and Learning Design and Success Advisor, Natalie D Murray.

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Driving Student Engagement in an English Class (Featuring Clemson University)

Watch David Blakesley, Professor and Campbell Chair in Technical Communication at Clemson University discuss his success story with Yellowdig.

The Role of Faculty Presence in Modern Student Engagement

Wednesday, August 25th- 1 PM EST

An hour-long webinar on the effects of faculty presence featuring Senior Academic Liaison, Bob Ertischek, J.D, Learning Design and Success Advisor, Natalie D Murray, and Pilot Onboarding Specialist, Natalie Ramos.

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Corporate Learning in the Virtual World (Featuring Dignity Health Global Education)

A discussion between Kurt Hayes, the Chief Learning Experience Officer at Dignity Health Global Education and Deb Bolton, the Chief Marketing Officer at Yellowdig.

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The Evolution of Gameful Learning

A special webinar with Yellowdig's Founder and CEO, Shaunak Roy and Yellowdig's Director of Technology, Brian Hurlow on the evolution of gameful learning.

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Guest Webinar with Salem State University: Inclusive Community

Professor of History, Gayle Fischer, Ph.D. shares her experience building community in her various history classes. She shares stories of successes and challenges of teaching a virtual class as a deaf-spectrum professor.

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A Student Perspective: Yellowdig Student Webinars

Hear experiences of students from The University of Vermont, Arizona State University, Drexel University, and The University of Rochester. 

Guest Webinar with University of Michigan: Gameful Learning

University of Michigan's Dr. Mika LaVaque-Mant, Director of the LSA Honors Program & Dr. Benjamin Plummer, Learning Experience Designer at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business discuss self-determination and gamification, with a focus on their role in motivating students.

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Guest Webinar with University of Vermont: Using Yellowdig as a Help Forum

Dr. Vicki Hart, Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont discusses how she uses Yellowdig as a help forum for her STEM students to assist each other.

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Guest Webinar with DePaul University, Future Forward: Co-Curricular

Margaret McGee-Newton (Career Education Director) and Hilarie Longnecker (Associate Director of Career Curriculum & Early Engagement)  their year-long program for first-year students to explore career paths called Future Forward.

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Capella University & Yellowdig at ACBSP: Improving Student Success and Retention with Yellowdig

A joint presentation with  Capella University on using Yellowdig to retain students. Led by Brian Verdine, Yellowdig's Head of Client Success, Jenny Taber (Project Manager of Academic Initiatives at Capella University), and Genevieve Feliu (VP of Academic Initiatives at Capella University).

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