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Seamless Integration with your Student Systems and Yellowdig

Easily connect your Learning Management Systems, Student Portals, and CRMs to Yellowdig for a cohesive community experience.


Where we Commonly Integrate

Note: this list is not exhaustive - we integrate with any LMS, courseware platform, Student Portal, or CRM that uses standard protocol: LTI, SSO, SAML 2.0

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Integration Styles

LTI 1.3 integrations
  • Context-specific user flow management puts learners in the right communities

  • Grading /engagement score passback into LMS

  • Names and roles syncing with up-to-date student enrollment info

SSO/SAML oauth
  • Streamlined User Experience: Users can access multiple learning tools without repetitive logins.

  • Improved Security: Centralized authentication reduces the risk of credential exposure.

  • Efficient Management: Simplifies user access and permissions administration.

  • Faster Resource Access: Eliminates login delays, enhancing productivity.

  • Interoperability: Standardized integration ensures compatibility across systems.

  • Data API by which you can pull in real-time data feeds

  • You get click-level data on user activities

  • Content data on user activities

  • Feed API data into data warehouses

  • Use data for attendance tracking & Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) tracking

Custom Integrations
  • Do you have a custom portal? Yellowdig can integrate! For example, Outlier uses a custom integration for their native portal.

  • Group-level integrations within LMS systems

  • Passing custom fields tracking from other systems

  • Creative example: OES created a widget that tracked Yellowdig interaction and pushed it to a separate widget to identify at-risk students. Read Case Study. 

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What I love about Yellowdig is since it's integrated with our LMS, we use Canvas, it's integrated into our system, the students aren't going out somewhere else. They don't have to log in anywhere else. They log in SSO into our portal and they're right there. They click on the Yellowdig link and they're in to the community. So it's just so nicely integrated.

Holly Owens

Toro College


See the platform in action and explore our partnership plans:

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