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Who's behind
our tailored gameful learning experience?

Get to know the CEO, management, and advisory board among other inspirations and resources that help us shape the experience of learners around the globe

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Why do we exist?

Yellowdig aims to turn every classroom, bootcamp, or organization into an active learning community through its research-driven, hyper-interactive, Yellowdig Engage platform. The platform was built on three main pedagogical principles: Agency, Mastery, and Connectedness. The various features of the platform are inspired by these pedagogical principles to turn learners into co-creators of knowledge, and empower them with robust performance analytics as they cruise through their learning journey.


How did Yellowdig start?

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Founder & CEO, Yellowdig

Shaunak Roy

In 2014, Yellowdig's CEO and founder, Shaunak Roy, knew he wanted to start a company that mattered. As Facebook and other social media technologies took over the social connectivity scene, he saw an opportunity to leverage this idea of social sharing through technology, but specifically in the area of sharing academic ideas and knowledge. 


As Shaunak looked back on his own academic days (he went to undergrad at IIT Bombay, and postgrad at MIT), he realized that he learned as much from his peers as he did from his brilliant professors. Some of the bonds he created with his peers lasted well beyond those formative years, and morphed into lifelong friendships.



Meet the management team



Yellowdig Advisory Board

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A visiting professor in the Center for the Study of Education Policy at Illinois State University.​ He was a professor and department chair at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. James L. Applegate

President of GMB Consulting Group, working with university and non-profit institutions to build strategic leadership teams.  

Dr. Gretchen M. Bataille

Professor of Marketing and Samuel R Harrell Professor Emeritus in the Marketing Department of the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania.

Leonard M. Lodish

Former CEO & President of Creative Commons, Aspen Institute Fellow, and Vice President at the Carnegie Foundation.

Catherine M. Casserly, PhD

John C. Hower Professor of Technology and Digital Business and a Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Kartik Hosanagar, PhD

Senior Vice President and Executive Dean of the Teachers College at Western Governors University (WGU), and an award-winning leader, author, speaker, and consultant.

Dr. Mark Milliron

President and founder of The CIO Perspective, Inc, a collaborative consulting firm specializing in supporting innovation and transformation for public and private organizations.

Shelton Waggener


See the platform in action and explore our partnership plans:

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