Case Studies

We have wonderful partners across many different institutions and love to share their stories.

Online Education Services

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Importance of community participation in online learning and the link to advanced learning analytics

In October of 2021, OES (an Australian Online Program Management Company) published a case study that had many robust findings around students who are at risk and being a part of a community. 

""We found that Yellowdig Communities, like our university partner’s, foster genuine relationship building among adult learners and provide students with an outlet to engage with their peers in an informal learning environment."

Arizona State University

Professor Nicholas Duran

"In the teaching evals I get at the end of the semester—students inevitably mention Yellowdig and how they like this component of the community"

- Professor Nicholas Duran

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The University of Akron

New Explorations in Teaching with Technology

In February of 2018, Dr. Claudia J. Coleman presented to faculty on her use of Yellowdig in courses within the Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies. Dr. Coleman uses Yellowdig as a way to create "icebreakers" for learners in the beginning of a course. She also finds Yellowdig is a great way to segue from topic to topic throughout the semester.

Fort Hays State University

Study across 4 Marketing Classes

Fort Hays State University participated in a pilot program where Yellowdig was used across four marketing courses. Three professors at the university studied the effectiveness of Yellowdig in increasing student engagement and improving student learning. Yellowdig was used for two purposes: (1) as a way to create a community inside and out of the classroom, and (2) as a means by which students could create and share course-relevant content throughout the semester. Their research was published in the Global Journal of Business Pedagogy.

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The University of Vermont

Carolyn Siccama, Ed.D.

One word of advice from Dr. Siccama to fellow Yellowdig instructors. Dr. Siccama teaches Fundamentals of Nutrition online and collaborates with the Center for Teaching and Learning to facilitate the Teaching Effective Online faculty development program.