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What's New in Yellowdig Engage This Fall?

As the semester starts to kick off, that means it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and get back into your Yellowdig Communities! If this is your first time back since the spring or even the fall of last year, you will definitely notice a few changes. Below we highlight some of the most notable updates from 2022 to ensure you feel ready to dig into your communities this fall.

New and Improved Post Editor

Our updated post editor released in March opens up more opportunities for creative engagement and content sharing across your learning communities.

The new features and improvements include:

Image Annotation (new)

Draw directly on any image. Simply hit the settings icon and navigate to "Draw on image attachment" and then get creative!

More Image Support (new)

Designing posts with images just got more exciting! Move images inline, resize, and add animated GIFs.

Tables (new)

You can now add & edit tables.