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Use Cases

Our diverse users are the heartbeat of our company. We have learners and instructors forming communities in institutions ranging from large to small, in classes from English 101 to graduate Biostatistics, and across the learner lifecycle from welcome communities to internship programs. Hear from Yellowdig community members below!

Driving Deeper, Active Learning



Dignity Health Global Education

The Opportunity:

Dignity Health Global Education offers professional development and higher education courses that have been created specifically for healthcare.

The Solution:

DHGE's Chief Learning Officer explains, "We engage learners in leadership topics asynchronously for the duration of these programs through Yellowdig. In and around these learning components which include, interactive lessons, exercises, live events, etc., Yellowdig is that connective tissue that exists between all of those things to keep learners engaged and allow them to collaborate in a social way with their peers, mentors, facilitators.”

The Results:

He elaborates, "Where Yellowdig is important to me in this process, in terms of KPIs and understanding the learning that’s occurring, is that it’s designed for an education setting, so you can get the data back in an educational context through an educational lens…We can then look at all the interaction data that’s occurring between people in that space and be able to assess the true effectiveness of the collaboration and sharing that’s going on in the learning process.”

Dignity Health Global Education
Better Learning

Improving Retention and Learner Persistence 

Online Education Services

Welcome Community

The Opportunity:

OES's university partner delivers online learning for students, most of whom are mature age and studying part-time, often for the first time.

The Solution:

They created a welcome community open to all students at OES's partner institution. Participation is optional and aims to facilitate informal discussion between students outside of the classroom.

The Results:

A 9% increase in pass rates and a 7% increase in students progressing into their next study period, amongst the high-risk students. Students observed in this study used Yellowdig Engage to build interpersonal connections that eased their anxieties around their studies, created a sense of community, and set them up for academic success.

"Yellowdig’s Communities not only enable their students to feel more connected, but they have provided additional data inosights that improve OES's ability to preemptively identify at-risk students."



Improving the Faculty Experience 

Clemson University

Graduate Seminars in
Rhetoric & Undergraduate
Technical Writing

The Opportunity:

David is the Campbell Chair in Technical Communication and a Professor of English at Clemson. He teaches a variety of graduate seminars in rhetoric and rhetorical theory, many of which were delivered in a hybrid format prior to the pandemic. He also teaches an undergraduate course in Technical Writing, which has always been online and asynchronous. With all courses moving completely online, David needed an adaptable platform that would allow students to communicate effectively regardless of their location.

The Solution:

Students are free to engage and participate in relevant discussions through Yellowdig. The platform provided a natural outlet for learning, stress relief, and relationship building.

The Results:

David shares, "Yellowdig’s automated grade passback makes management of this whole process a joy rather than a chore. Grading’ writing is always a chore for writing teachers. But ‘responding’ to student writing is not. Yellowdig encourages dialogue between and among students and instructors, which rewards everyone through new insights and creates a sense of community. That’s the heart of good teaching. Plus, Yellowdig encourages the use of writing to learn, which allows students to learn the content faster and more deeply through informal dialogue with their peers. This makes learning dialogical and collaborative.”

"Instructors can motivate
deep engagement with accolades. Yellowdig’s
automated grade passback makes management of
this whole process a joy rather than a chore.”


Faculty Satisfaction

Yellowdig in Business Courses

Drexel University

Entrepreneurship Course

The Opportunity:

John is a teaching professor at Drexel’s school of Entrepreneurship, and the course he teaches is somewhat unconventional. It’s called: “Ready, Set, Fail.” It’s a crash course in one of entrepreneurship’s most valuable skills — failing forward. He teaches students how to embrace failure as a learning device. Because, in his words, “the only guarantee in entrepreneurship is that you are going to fail.”

The Solution:

John turns things upside down –– and uses Yellowdig to do it. To get a good grade in his class, students have to excel at failing. It’s a paradoxical framework, but Yellowdig’s agility made it possible.

The Results:

As students failed, they were able to document their experiences with peers and exchange valuable insights on how they transformed garbage into gold. He shares, “Everyone was sharing ideas about how they were dealing with these weird, crazy assignments...It wasn't just them doing an assignment and handing it in to me as a professor."

They got to show off their work to
their friends and get the high fives or 'that was
hilarious' or 'epic fail,' you got a lot of dialogue.



Yellowdig in STEM Courses

University of Vermont

Larner College of Medicine

The Opportunity:

Assignments in discussion boards and the LMS can deteriorate into check-the-box tasks that students do halfheartedly to get the grade. She wanted her students to have relevant and thoughtful interactions.

The Solution:

From the beginning of every course, her syllabus encourages students to not only use Yellowdig for discussions, but also as a Q-and-A forum where students can rely on their peers for clarification and guidance.

The Results:

Not only do students usually get a response quicker (there are only so many hours in the day for Dr. Hart) but they also get to foster the kinds of relationships that are often missing from online courses.

“I’m a huge fan of Yellowdig because it promotes real conversation and connection among my students. It has transformed the online discussion from a check-the-box assignment to a truly useful learning opportunity."


Yellowdig in Humanities Education

Beijing National Day School

English 11 Honors

The Opportunity:

Driving engagement and community even when students in the same class are spread across the world.

The Solution:

The gamified point system facilitates the organic and spontaneous nature of real conversations, allowing students to bond with one another at a time when they need it most. The platform keeps curriculum cohesive and communities engaged –– whether students are learning remotely in the wake of a pandemic or connecting virtually in classrooms that span continents.

The Results:

Students often have difficulty accessing some
education websites, even having trouble occasionally with Canvas, but they've had no problems with Yellowdig. Michael shares, "Most of the time here in China, students are
practicing their conversational English verbally and academic English in written form. This is the first time they get to write in a conversational, less-formal way with their
peers, and they love it!"

"Yellowdig has been a gift! I find that Yellowdig
satisfies a major gap in their language practice."



Yellowdig in Other Curricular Settings