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Team Yellowdig Meets The ASU+GSV Summit 2021

In August 2021, the Yellowdig team had the honor of attending the ASU+GSV Summit event held in San Francisco, California. The Summit started in 2010 in a collaboration between Arizona State University (ASU) and Global Silicon Valley (GSV) to connect leading minds focused in transforming learning and work. The annual convening offers a tangible look at the EdTech industry with groundbreaking research, quantitative insights, and informed forecasts embedded in every discussion.

What Does The Yellowdig Team Have To Say?

Reesh Gorle, Summer Pre-MBA Intern

“The ASU+GSV conference was a great opportunity to meet with, learn from, and get more exposed to all things innovative happening in the EdTech space. As an MBA intern, and being new to the EdTech space, I came into the conference with my eyes wide open and ready to absorb as much as possible.

Firstly, meeting with and learning about many of the other companies in the space broadened my understanding of the many ways we all are changing the education market. The companies varied from innovative ways to gamify education to embedding education into VR.

Secondly, talking with and learning from the investors in the space shed light into their investing thesis and critical approach to evaluating investments. One of my favorite panels, Path to a Trillion Dollar EdTech Company, brought together key investors in the space and they discussed the foundation of a successful company and how a pure EdTech company could one day be worth a trillion dollars. Finally, meeting with the end users of the products, educators and students, brought the whole conference together, because I was able to better understand how they envisioned the future of education at their own schools. Kailie and I spoke with an administrator at a large Higher Ed school system, and he shared with us his approach and struggles with evaluating all the technology platforms on the market, and how he chose what would be used for his school system.

Holistically, the ASU+GSV conference brought together a great mix of the various stakeholders within the education space that enabled a networking and learning opportunity for everyone. “

Kailie Starr, Strategic Partnerships Manager

“Some of the overarching themes of the conference involved the lessons we learned from the pandemic, and how they can be translated in a post-pandemic world. There were also themes about ‘upskilling,’ or training, closing the gap between college and the workforce, making sure students are provided with skill sets that will help increase their employability.

One of the panels, Skills for Employability: Leveraging Technology in Higher Ed to Prepare Students for the Workforce, hosted by Shravan Goli, Chief Product Officer at Coursera, discussed this topic a lot in his session titled “S.” Institutions need to be providing flexibility and accessibility for students. They need to meet students where they are. They need to make sure that students are not valued with just a ‘degree.’

There were also awesome sessions on women leadership! Exhibit A: