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Education 3.0: 
Yellowdig's Learning Conference

On August 2nd,  innovative higher education faculty and leaders gathered in this virtual conference exploring human-powered learning with Yellowdig.


What was the Learning Conference?

“Education 3.0 is where institutions empower students by strategically thinking about the needs of the modern learner, the workforce they're entering, the ways to make learning more relevant to them, and how to meet their need to connect with their peers and resources in a modern way.” ~ Shaunak Roy, Yellowdig's Founder and CEO



August 2nd, 9am - 5pm ET via Zoom

9:00 am - 9:30 am EST

Opening Remarks

Join us for an enlightening session as Shaunak Roy, the visionary CEO of Yellowdig, takes the stage to deliver his captivating opening remarks...Read more.


9:35 am -

10:20 am


Education 3.0 Roundtable

A dynamic and enlightening session, the "Education 3.0 Roundtable," features an esteemed panel of speakers who are at the forefront of educational innovation...Read more.


10:25 am -

11:10 am EST

Yellowdig Across the Learner Lifecycle Demonstration

Prepare to be immersed in a captivating session where we showcase the transformative capabilities of Yellowdig throughout the learner journey...Read more.


1:35 pm -

2:05 pm EST

Insider Tips from Yellowdig Power Users

Get ready for an informative and action-packed rapid session where you will have the...Read more.


  • Jill Anderson, Lead Instructional Technologist at North Carolina State University

  • Kelly O'Brien, Executive-in-Residence, Lecturer at California State University Monterey Bay, College of Business

  • Jean Starobin, Adjunct Faculty & Online Program Consultant at University of Florida & UIUC Gies COB

  • Julie D Hathaway-Nepple, University Instructor at Regis University

2:10 pm -

2:50 pm EST

Achieving Results that Matter: High-Performing Faculty Share Their Teaching Insights

This captivating session brings together a panel of esteemed speakers who have achieved remarkable results in their teaching practi...Read more.


  • Luis Alvarado, Assistant Director, Office of Digital Learning & Strategy at the American University

  • Sarah Montgomery-Richards, Instructor, Philosophy and Communications Departments at Northwestern Michigan College

  • Ashlie Kauffman Sarsgard, Lead Instructional Designer, University of Maryland School

  • John Johnson, Professional Programs Manager, Project Management Center for Excellence, University of Maryland

Speaker Highlights


Shaunak Roy

Founder and CEO


Ashlie Kauffman Sarsgard.png

Ashlie Kauffman Sarsgard

Lead Instructional Designer, IDEA Team

University of Maryland 

University of Maryland_edited.png

Brianna Bannach

Marketing Team Lead



Genevieve Feliu

VP of Innovation

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)


Dr. Jeff D. Borden

Dean, School of Leadership Studies

Gonzaga University

Jill Anderson NC State.jpg

Jill Anderson

Lead Instructional Technologist

North Carolina State University

John Johnson.jpg

John Johnson

Professional Programs Manager, PM Center for Excellence

University of Maryland 

University of Maryland_edited.png
julie hathaway nepple.jpg

Julie D Hathaway-Nepple

University Instructor

Regis University

Regis University_edited.png
Luis Alvarado.jpg

Luis Alvarado

Assistant Director, Office of Digital Learning & Strategy

American University

American University.png

Sarah Montgomery-Richards

Instructor, Philosophy and Communications Departments

Northwestern Michigan College

Wendy Colby.jpg

Wendy Colby

Vice President and Associate Provost

Boston University

2 - Speaker Highlights
What Yellowdig Conference Attendees Say...
"I was inspired by the way professors and instructional designers told their success stories. They are creatively using Yellowdig to improve engagement and learning outcomes not only in the context of a discussion board, but also as a means of driving engagement and mastery of their course content. I am truly excited by these results and will continue to encourage others to try this platform."
             - Mike Caruso, Manager of Instructional Design, AllCampus

Love Yellowdig Conferences? You can also request the recordings from our January Conference!

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