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The Evolution of Gameful Learning with Yellowdig’s Shaunak Roy and Brian Hurlow

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The world of education has come a long way with new methods of teaching and learning arising as years progress. In particular, the increase in different education technologies has had a significant impact in how content is delivered in the classroom.

Shaunak Roy, CEO of Yellowdig, and Brian Hurlow, Director of Technology, sat down to discuss how the idea of student engagement has transformed beyond the in-person classroom to meet the needs of all students and faculty, resulting in increased retention.

Early Days at Yellowdig

Yellowdig was created by Shaunak Roy to bridge the gap between knowledge delivery and engagement. After moving to the U.S. from India to pursue his studies, another passion was beginning to ignite itself in Shaunak’s mind. Growing up with a family that valued education, he found himself also striving to improve the learning sphere so that others can see the true significance of learning. Yellowdig came to be because Shaunak wanted to build a product that would help students want to learn and enjoy learning.

Brian Hurlow, the brain behind the architecture of Yellowdig’s virtual classroom platform, was a Political Science major at MacAlester College, but he actually found himself writing code most of the time instead. After graduation, he pursued coding by continuing to build technology. He has had many experiences that made him realize that things could have been better than the status quo in online education, and began helping Shaunak create Yellowdig as a learning tool for students and instructors to connect in a unique and organic way.

Watch Brian Hurlow brainstorm ideas for Yellowdig's earlier platform. Shaunak plays ping pong in the office.
Yellowdig's office in 2014 with Shaunak Roy and Brian Hurlow.

Both Shaunak and Brian worked together with a genuine desire to build a technology tool to improve education. Brian explains, “Building this type of thing is a mission that really resonates with both of us as people.