Our Philosophy

Building Communities in Virtual Classrooms

Community Health is about more than discussion posts, responses and AI-delivered high fives. It's about active engagement, meaningful interaction, and actionable metrics. And that's exactly what Yellowdig provides. We take the health of our communities seriously - with a holistic approach that drives success on every level. Best of all, it’s a place learners actually want to be.

This is our number one priority and the primary piece that sets us apart.

The world of education is transforming - especially in the wake of a global pandemic. That's why Yellowdig is built to adapt. Structured to accommodate different modalities, tech needs, time zones and languages, it's what allows us to help learners, educators and leaders continue to thrive through change.


Too many students start programs they never finish. Too many learners leave school burdened by debt. And too many dreamers fail to reach their full potential. Yellowdig aims to change that. By building learning communities that increase stakeholder satisfaction, elevate academic success, and dramatically improve retention rates.



Community Health



The dashboard is an evidence-based tool that measures community health along three dimensions: Sharing, Listening, and Interacting. Our dashboard allows instructors to understand students' levels of productivity, connectivity, and attentiveness.


Identify Key


The Network Graph Visualization & Table allows instructors to be more connected with the progress of their students and allows instructors to give more directed support. This tool shows you which members are connected, helps you find those whom are leading interactions and identify members who are not connecting with others and may be more likely to drop the course.




Our patented points system provides incentives for community building, which encourages not only sharing, but also listening and interacting. This way we can support all those engaging the platform, and not just the loudest voices. Our learners build community and student agency, and are just as invested in the community as we are.



Method of


Yellowdig is ideal for face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. It also provides a continuous, engaging experience if you are unsure of what modality courses will be offered in, or if a modality changes before a course finishes. Our platform provides an opportunity for your community to remain consistent at a time when human connection is needed most.



Technology planning at institutions has become more critical since COVID-19, and Yellowdig has been designed to provide continuity throughout tech stack changes within institutions.  Yellowdig integrates with all LMS platforms and third party platforms like EdX, or your own website, and can even run as a stand alone with web log-in. Our amazing team can assist with setup in as little as 5-10 minutes. 




Creating global communities can be a significant challenge based on the limitations of time zones and languages. Yellowdig supports asynchronous community building and can be used with learners & educators across geographies. The platform’s navigation is in English, however we support special characters for all major languages.

Academic Outcomes




Yellowdig is proven to increase course completion by 11% and achieve 90% satisfaction rates across campus, lowering drop-out rates by 4%.



Product Design

Features such as auto-nudging, multi-media sharing capabilities, and social media-inspired design create an inspiring and welcoming environment that instructors and students want to return to. For example, auto-nudging's customizable threshold settings assist in preventing learner dropout. 


Analytics, Insights & Research

We are interested in what works. That’s why we’re so interested in analytics, insights and research. Our constant gathering of information helps us improve Yellowdig and improve results for students, instructors and institutions.