Rethinking Virtual Learning With Less Zoom

Updated: Apr 28

Rethinking Virtual Learning with Less zoom - a recent graduate's take on zoom university

Way back before a global pandemic in 2020 was nothing more than a plot to a scifi movie, one of my professors needed to host class via Zoom for the first half of the semester for health reasons. As a full time, on-campus student, I thought that was the most exciting thing. Instead of the 2 minute walk to my lecture hall, I could stay in my cozy bed and watch class. I liked participating via the chat function because I never really enjoyed raising my hand in class. But, even with 4 of my other classes being in-person, this format started to get old, and I was happy when she returned to in-person classes.

Fast forward to the last semester of my senior year, Spring 2020, when, as you are well aware, every school turned into “Zoom University.” Every professor did their best and handled it differently, but the common thread was too much Zoom, too little learning.