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How Education 3.0 Rethinks the Learning Experience

Everyone at the university level felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic — from faculty burnout, enrollment dropping, and the sudden chaos of figuring out how to scale online programs to an entire student body with little warning. As students return to in-person classes, the holes in learning models revealed by the pandemic are now more prominent than ever. Students became used to learning online (at times asynchronously) but are now expected to go to a physical classroom when they have jobs, children, and other life commitments that online classes made more bearable.

In this blog, let’s dive into what education will look like in a post-pandemic world that provides more student choice and better prepares students for the future by facilitating a fully connected learning experience: Education 3.0.

Education 3.0

What is it?

In our last blog, we explained how Education 3.0 seeks to take the best of both 1.0 and 2.0 to create a fully connected learning experience that puts the needs of the modern learner at the forefront. To expand more on this idea, we launched a webinar series with leaders to discuss this new concept along with our Founder & CEO, Shaunak Roy. In the first episode of the series, Dr. Mark Milliron, president and CEO of National University, describes one aspect of Education 3.0:

“I think now we're probably entering a stage of true 3.0 where people are putting together built-for-purpose education programs that serve the needs of these different kinds of students…It is literally rethinking education and being wil