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How does it

Yellowdig is a plug-and-play, community-building platform with grade passback through your existing LMS. The platform works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Yellowdig is primarily used  in curricular settings, but also works great to build co-curricular, faculty or other specialized communities

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Authenticity, in every interaction.

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More than a user-friendly interface

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Setup & Support:

  • A step-by-step guidance from the Academic Product Engagement team throughout the onboarding process. 

  • Seamless compatibility with most Learning Management Systems in use. 

  • Flexibility in setting up community guidelines and rules.

  • Updates and features are released regularly and automatically to enhance user experience.

  • Unlimited access to a community of all Yellowdig instructors to share ideas, tips, and tricks.

Community Health Dashboard

For instructors: 
Community Health Dashboard

Easily track vital components of your community and compare to all of Yellowdig:

  • Sharing Score: how well students are synthesizing information

  • Listening Score​: how much students are consuming content

  • Interacting Score: how connected your community is

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For instructors: 
Network graph

The Network Graph Visualization & Table shows how connected your community members are. Instructors can view community interaction at both a high level and at an individual member level.

Main features:

  • See which members are connected

  • Identify community leaders that many people interact with

  • Identify at risk members that are not connecting with others and may need help

For students & instructors: 
Automatic grading system

Our patented points system rewards students as they interact, comment, and post. Students can always access their grade to see where they stand throughout the duration of the course, starting from day 1. Thanks to Yellowdig's integration with Learning Management Systems (LMSs), grades get passed back automatically, which saves instructors a ton of administrative work. 


*Points widget at the Yellowdig platform

For everyone: 
A limitless post editor

Our post editor allows students to edit code, write scientific formulas, attach media, draw, use polls, take pictures, link external sources, use in-platform hashtags, tag classmates, and much more. 

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For students: 
Advanced participation tracking

Students can track their participation throughout the course using the real-time analytical tools found on the "my participation" page. The periodic pace chart (in addition to other tools available) allow students to track and plan their performance for each period. 

*Interactive periodic pace chart at the Yellowdig platform

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Surprise your students on day 1: 
It's not another discussion board


See the platform in action and explore our partnership plans:

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