What is Yellowdig?

Yellowdig is a virtual classroom that leverages an understanding of human behavior and gameful technology to build healthy online-learning communities. Yellowdig is primarily used  in curricular settings, but also works great to build co-curricular, faculty or other specialized communities.

User-friendly interface

*Footage from Yellowdig on the web (desktop)


Community Health Dashboard

Easily track vital components of your community and compare to all of Yellowdig:

  • Sharing Score: how well students are synthesizing information

  • Listening Score​: how much students are consuming content

  • Interacting Score: how connected your community is

YD Tablet.png

*Footage from Yellowdig on the web (tablet)

*Footage from Yellowdig on the web (mobile)

YD Phone.png

Network Graph

The Network Graph Visualization & Table shows how connected your community members are. Instructors can view community interaction at both a high level and at an individual member level.

You can do things like:

  • See which members are connected

  • Identify community leaders that many people interact with

  • Identify at risk members that are not connecting with others and may need help

Platform Overview

Form Real Community

Yellowdig builds learning communities by incentivizing students to:

  • Listen to each other's insights

  • Interact with genuine conversations

  • and Share their knowledge with their peers 


We use five principles of Community Pedagogy to guide our work. The first principle, "keep what works in the classroom", is described in this video. The rest of the principles are available within our Instructor Certification Course, or by speaking with a Yellowdig team member.

Yellowdig is digital platform with a modern social media interface that easily integrates with any LMS or can be used as a stand-alone web app.

Yellowdig is FERPA compliant. 


Gameful learning principles are at the core of our patented point system to incentivize active participation from students.  

Yellowdig can be used for any course delivery modality:




Modality uncertain / changing within a term