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6 Ways to Use Online Learning Communities to Improve the Academic Experience

Interactions between students and instructors are an important part of any class. Yellowdig allows for flexible student engagement while growing a community with improved learning outcomes. Traditional discussion boards and other constrained social assignments don’t have the same level of expression, creativity, or active conversation.

We have been listening to the feedback from our Instructors and Learners to create our latest update, our new and improved post editor! The new editor is a giant leap in user experience. It allows for more accessible communication and more creative engagement across all class types (Humanities, Arts, STEM, Professional Studies, Trades & Vocational, etc.).

Here are six examples of using Yellowdig that highlight the new editor experience:

1. Encourage your Learners to Introduce Themselves

Learners and Instructors can create eye-catching posts that serve as an introduction to the rest of the community. Break the ice and create productive communities where learners can genuinely know each other. Utilize the Drag & Drop functionality to post with ease. Add emojis, share pictures, capture video content, and even more!

2. Share Team Projects