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Yellowdig Product Update: LaTeX Editor

Yellowdig has always been focused on creating the best environment for any academic use case, from English to Biology. With this goal in mind, we have recently improved the LaTeX editor.

Why is the updated LaTeX Editor important?

  • It allows students to format equations correctly and more simply.

  • It helps students work together to solve problems.

  • It allows easily moving back-and-forth between “what you see is what you get” editing and seeing and editing the LaTeX code.

With LaTeX students can easily communicate their questions about problem sets to other students, instructors, and TAs. This is beneficial all the way from intro to Calculus up to Advanced Astrophysics.

Our LaTeX editor has 2 options to make it easy for all users. The Live Editor and the Basic Editor. By flipping back-and-forth between the Live Editor and Basic Editor, a relative mathematics novice can create equations in the Live Editor using familiar keystrokes and an easy-to-use virtual mathematics keyboard while immediately seeing the translation of that work into LaTeX. This provides a nice gentle on-ramp for learning more LaTeX conventions without being frustrating for those newer to more advanced mathematics.

The Live Editor

The first is the live editor where students can create the formula visually in the editor itself. This is great for most formulas that undergraduate students work on. Part of the beauty of creating a formula in the live editor is that as you see it come to life you may notice a mistake you've made.

The virtual keyboard is fantastic for adding the special characters needed to create most complex formulas. This keyboard makes it easy to insert any mathematics symbols into the formula the student is working on.

The Basic Editor