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Resiliency in Academia: Lessons Learned from COVID-19

With such decreased physical distance between learner and faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic, the typical world of academia was flipped upside-down. Without choice, faculty had to adjust to their new concerns within their profession while balancing the heavy toll of what is COVID-19. This is no small feat.

But in this time, faculty rose to the challenge, and they used the time to truly think about and reframe their goals. This speaks to the resiliency of the modern instructor. On March 1st, Yellowdig hosted a webinar, moderated by Michael Feldstein and featuring Dr. Vicky Crittenden, Dr. Jesse Ballenger, and Shaunak Roy.

Meet the Speakers

Michael Feldstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Argos Education

Dr. Vicky Crittenden, Professor of Marketing at Babson College

Dr. Jesse Ballenger, Clinical Professor at Drexel University

Shaunak Roy, Founder and CEO of Yellowdig

Experience Insight

From the past two years, one of the greatest lessons we have learned is centered around vulnerability. Nothing can achieve the highly sought after, yet impossible title of perfection– and this is something that faculty, learners, and the world alike had to learn.

So where did this leave academia faculty? Dr. Jess Ballenger reflects on his experience in managing challenges, expectations, and connection. For him, and the many attendees in the chat sharing their experiences, one of the hardest transitions was going from a face-to-face environment to a synchronous virtual classroom, where students– for varying valid reasons– did not turn on their cameras. This dichotomy between respecting students’ lack of camera use and feeling an energy drain</