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Introducing Yellowdig Engage's newest feature: Cloud Drafts

Do you want more time to think about your post and get it just right? Accidentally close your browser? Lose power? Have no fear, our Cloud Draft feature is here!

What is our new Cloud draft feature?

Drafts feature in left-hand menu

Cloud Drafts is a new feature being added to Yellowdig's Engage Platform, and it works in a similar way to how drafts work in other applications that you may be familiar with. Cloud Drafts work by automatically saving your current work inside our Engage platform as you are writing a post or comment. If you accidentally (or purposely) close the editor without posting it to the Community feed, your draft will be safely stored for later access.

For those who are accustomed to our current draft feature, there will no longer be a pop-up if you have a draft. You can always find all your drafts in the “Drafts” area of the left-hand menu shown as shown in the left hand image.

Why did we implement this new feature?

This improvement allows you to save multiple drafts of posts or replies giving you more freedom in flexibility while using Yellowdig Engage. Additionally, you can now access your drafts from any device, which means you can start a post on your computer and post it from your mobile phone.

We are most excited about Cloud Drafts because they are an important accessibility improvement that helps accommodate those who may need a bit more time to compose their thoughts or create content.

Cloud Drafts In Action

Below is your "My Drafts" tab where Cloud Drafts for posts and comments for your Yellowdig communities will be stored. You can edit, post, and delete drafts from this page.

Screenshot displaying the "My Drafts" feature

Check out the Cloud Draft feature in action by watching the short video below.

You'll be able to start drafting like a pro starting later this week.


Has it been a while since you've been in Yellowdig? Maybe you've only used Yellowdig Classic?

We'd love to show you around Yellowdig Engage!

Link to schedule a live demo with Yellowdig

If you have any questions please reach out to

Brian Hurlow is the Director of Technology at Yellowdig.

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