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Feeling Stuck? Here are the Top 5 Ways to Accelerate Course Completion Rates

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

When designing courses, it is hard not to think about course completion rates. For some time now, course completion rates have been staggeringly low, especially in online courses. Notoriously, Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, stand at a 5%-15% rate of completion. BUT, don’t let that number discourage you, because we have 5 tips on how to accelerate course completion rates.

Why do Students Quit Courses?

To start out, it’s important to acknowledge that there are a number of reasons that students do not complete courses they signed up for. Here are just a few reasons why a student may drop the course:

  • Busy schedules

  • Feeling stuck and don’t know/don’t want to take the next steps

  • Course is not engaging

  • Lack of motivation

  • Course has unrealistic expectations OR student has unrealistic expectations of the course

  • Technical difficulties

  • Done with what they need from the course

With that said, some of these reasons have nothing to do with the course itself. However, there are potential course edits that can help faculty improve course completion rates. Here are the top 5 to help increase course completion rates:

  1. Post Course Materials in Pieces (Break it Down)

  2. Utilize Virtual Teams

  3. Gamification for the Win