Enhance Your New Student Orientation with Yellowdig

Updated: Apr 26

Orientation is a make-or-break experience for incoming students. COVID-19 has left many universities to reinvent different elements of the student lifecycle, and orientation is no exception. At University of Nebraska-Lincoln, orientation leaders were halfway through training when the pandemic hit. Their in-person event was all about community building and making connections to help the new students feel at ease in their new home on campus.

Then they learned there would be no campus.

Julia DeLaRosa, Orientation Coordinator at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was faced with a challenge: “Where do we find that ‘sense of belonging’ piece? How do we get them connected to their peers? How is it that we can bridge the gap between the summer where everything is virtual to on-campus when they're showing up and needing to build those communities for themselves and feel that sense of security and transition to campus?”

They wanted to find the best way for students to engage remotely, which led them to Yellowdig. When it finally came time for the first online orientation to start, Julia and her team wanted to make sure they could rely on the experiences of the student leaders in the same fashion they did when the orientation was in-person. They wanted incoming students to learn directly from upperclassmen who have firsthand experience with the college. It was very important to maintain the dynamic between experienced orientation leaders and new freshmen, because there was an element of relatability that had always been critical in making new students feel comfortable and confident going into college.