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Yellowdig for in-person classes

While in-person classes offer an ideal opportunity for students and faculty to interact, get to know each other, and work in groups, they still do not solve a few core learning issues. The class would miss out on the perspectives of shy students, the back rows won't interact as much, and teachers would gauge student engagement by reading the room's atmosphere. Using Yellowdig as a complementary tool for in-person classes can put all these problems to rest and empower the teaching faculty with accurate analytics on student engagement and performance. Teachers can either use Yellowdig during their standard in-person classes, utilize the platform to drive student engagement outside the classroom, or both:

Using Yellowdig in the classroom

Teachers can either dedicate a specific time for students to use the platform during class, reference student posts and replies to discuss them further, or use features such as polls and formulae builder to get instant reactions and thoughts on the topic being discussed. Students can also draft notes for future posts during class, so they can polish and publish them whenever they are ready. Since teachers get to set the parameters of automatic grading when setting up the community, they will have utmost flexibility on how they want to use the platform in the classroom. 

Using Yellowdig outside the classroom:

Yellowdig allows students to keep the conversation going outside the classroom. Students can further discuss their favorite topics, ask/answer questions, share external sources and research papers, get creative with all the platform features (e.g. drawing and coding tools), and stay up to date with announcements and notifications in their community. Yellowdig interactions are excellent ice-breakers and conversation starters for face-to-face interactions, especially for shy and back row students that do not usually get much attention during a standard in-person class. 

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