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January 2020 EdTech Recap

Each month the Yellowdig Team puts together the latest news from the EdTech industry.

January 2020

There are a lot of things to be on the lookout for in higher ed in 2020.

  • College consolidation, partnerships with employers and the effects of deregulation are among the topics we'll have our eye on this year. Link

  • An election year in 2020 on the heels of a newsworthy 2019 necessitates a rundown of the opportunities and challenges in U.S. college admissions. Here are the top 4 trends likely to impact college admissions this year. Link

  • Higher Education Predictions for 2020: Recession, Certificates, and Computer Science. Link

Engaging your students has never been more critical than now.

  • Community building in the community college classroom aids in the retention of students and their overall experience. Link

  • A nudge and a discount helped bring students back to college. Link

  • 7 Frequently asked questions about gamification and how it can be useful in learning. Link

New Approaches to combat the ever-changing higher ed space:

  • The 60-year curriculum helps students develop a desire to continue learning throughout their lives. Link

  • Edx launches MicroBachelors providing options for students to stack their credentials to earn a degree. Link

  • Companies, like Disney, are looking for new ways to continue their employees’ education. Link

  • The end of the homogenous MBA- how the University of Michigan is diversifying their program. Link

Disclaimer: This recap is based on what the Yellowdig team came across in the edtech news media in this month. We do not endorse any 3rd party sources or claim this list is comprehensive.

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