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December 2019 EdTech Recap

Each month the Yellowdig Team puts together the latest news from the EdTech industry.

Colleges and universities continue to innovate on new technologies, including use of YouTube, Virtual Reality to engage learners. Although the efficacy of these new technologies remain to be seen.

* The rise of EduTube: how social media influencers are shaping universities. Link

  • * Stanford’s Graduate School of Business conducts classes on a virtual campus, with avatars, soccer fields and a beach. Is it the second coming of Second Life? Link

  • * Ten predictions for the very near future of higher education. Link

The increased focus on student retention is starting to pay off, even as online offerings continue to grow.

  • * 6-year graduation rates have grown to new highs according to a National Clearinghouse study. Link.

  • * Continued growth of online, decline of fully face-to-face (i.e., no online) enrollment. Link

As traditional enrollment continues to decline, universities are under greater oversight over predatory marketing tactics. This will put pressure on institutions to differentiate, possibly through better career readiness.

  • * Higher ed enrollment reaches 10-year low, new data shows. Link

  • * U of Phoenix reaches $191M settlement in marketing lawsuit. Link

  • * What's changed in US News' 2020 college rankings?  Rankings will now include a schools’ contributions to underrepresented students' social mobility and their ability to graduate first-generation students. Link

Disclaimer: This recap is based on what the Yellowdig team came across in the edtech news media in this month. We do not endorse any 3rd party sources or claim this list is comprehensive.

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