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A selection of resources specifically for teaching & learning professionals and instructional designers

This resource is no longer being updated. Yellowdig Academy has all this information and more! Please check it out here: 

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Browse efficacy-related case studies, e-books, and blog posts.

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Getting Started

Get to know the expectations, best practices, the point system, and how to be a model citizen in your community. 

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Onboarding guide

Explore our Instructor Certification Course, Knowledge Base Website, and an example of how other universities tailored their own onboarding guide.



Find out how Yellowdig partners with instructors to achieve its mission and vision.


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Yellowdig is a digital solution that impacts the entire student lifecycle and enables rich community experiences for all students. Yellowdig isn’t just a message board, it is an extension of the classroom. Yellowdig sparks meaningful conversations while tracking progress, freeing up faculty from grading. This assistance allows them to spend their time being a helpful “guide on the side” and interacting with students. Ultimately, students learn more and both students and instructors enjoy taking part.

Below is a list of resources about Yellowdig's efficacy:


Getting Started


Although Yellowdig is simple to configure and use, understanding how it works is important to maximizing student learning and ensuring a good student experience. The achieve both it is easy to follow our highly recommended best practices, implement a well-configured point system, and provide good modeling for students. 


Below are some resources that will help you communicate about these with instructors:

Getting Started

Onboarding Guide


Prior to actually setting up communities, we highly encourage you and your instructors to take our Instructor Certification Course.  We also have a sample of recommended articles for new instructors.  Finally, there is a link to a sample onboarding guide that you can use as a real-life example template.  

Helping instructors get started on the right foot is super important, so share these and please feel free to borrow liberally from any of them to help create your own guide!


On-boarding Guide


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We highly value the teaching & learning professionals and instructors using the platform and want to continue to cater to your needs in the best ways possible. We would like to partner to conduct case studies, do research, or simply get feedback to improve the platform.  In short, we want to make it everyone’s favorite teaching and learning tool. [space] Come meet us at an upcoming event, introduce yourself in our Yellowdig Instructor Support Community, or if you have any feedback, including things we can add to this site, please reach out:

Partnership with Instructors
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