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A University Leadership Perspective


Through our partner institutions, we have learned that Yellowdig increases student retention, lowers drop rates, and increases student & faculty satisfaction. 

Calculate the cost savings for your institution
from improvement in attrition 

Yellowdig is an investment in the health of university communities at a time when faculty and students need it the most.

How have institutions used Yellowdig?

Why it works...

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Increase Student Retention

Students become a part of something bigger than themselves. This kind of involvement makes for happier students with higher rates of graduation. Happier and connected students don't want to leave, it's as simple as that.

Lower Drop Rates

Students don’t drop out of classes they love. Whether the course is in-person or online, Yellowdig  helps students to retain and apply course material. Students feel supported and get their answers quicker, resulting in better understanding and less desire to quit.

Increase student and Faculty Satisfaction

Yellowdig provides the platform and pedagogy for the classroom communities of the future. If you partner with us, we’ll be with you every step of the way to guarantee success for students, faculty, and your institution at large. 

What is Yellowdig?

"Yellowdig helps instructors extend the range of topics that can be covered in a course, beyond what is listed in the syllabus - Yellowdig brought new perspectives to the class. It helped me create new content for the course, and was much more interesting than assigning readings. Yellowdig helped me to enhance the quality of my teaching."

Sunil Wattal, Managing Director | Temple University

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