Improving Course Success and Retention with Yellowdig

Updated: Apr 26

Think back to when the world was in the early stages of COVID-19— it was predicted that the virus would have such massive impact. Universities were caught totally unprepared. Instead of having a plan in place, they were forced to scramble and cobble together different programs overnight to try and keep class in session. Change was not gradual, and this watershed moment should be embraced by institutions who want to teach the learners of the future.

Online learning solutions are not just a solution to the COVID crisis, they are the engines that will power education going forward. The universities that adopt hybrid models today will be the winners of the future. The schools that go back to brick and mortar will crumble over time because they’ll be relying on an outdated approach that doesn’t meet the needs of modern students.

Yellowdig can be the solution universities want to take them into the future. Arizona State University saw an opportunity to use Yellowdig as early as 2016, and there have been sweeping benefits ever since.

Yellowdig and Arizona State University collaborated on a report to explore the relationship between Yellowdig participation and course outcomes (primarily grades and withdrawals) by analyzing over 20,737 student grades.

Specifically, they wanted to answer 3 questions:

  1. Is greater participation in Yellowdig communities associated with better grade outcomes and improved course retention?