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September 2020 EdTech Recap

Each month the Yellowdig Team puts together the latest news from the EdTech industry.

September 2020

Here's what this unique fall has entailed so far:

  • Various reopening models for roughly 3000 universities (9/21/20). Link

  • Several colleges were met with strikes over fall reopening plans (9/8/20). Link

  • Academics also went on strike for racial justice (9/9/20). Link

Connecting with students during this time is challenging, but can prove to be all the more valuable:

  • Asynchronous learning is valuable, especially now (9/16/20). Link

  • Emotional connections help online students engage, persist, and succeed (9/18/20). Link

  • Retention concerns increase as remote learning continues (9/21/20). Link

  • Quick tips for letting your personality shine in your online course (9/21/20). Link

COVID-19 has certainly shaken up the future of higher ed:

  • Online learning programs will have to differentiate their student experience offerings to make it “worth” the price tag (9/2/20). Link

  • What leading a college after COVID-19 might look like (9/9/20). Link

  • These uncertain times could bring a new era of higher ed (9/10/20). Link

  • Adapting your institution for future sustainability (9/10/20). Link

  • Saying goodbye to traditional practices after COVID-19 (9/16/20). Link

Disclaimer: This recap is based on what the Yellowdig team came across in the edtech news media in this month. We do not endorse any 3rd party sources or claim this list is comprehensive.

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