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How far can a familiar interface take you?

The answer is simple. Too far, so buckle up. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are used by millions on a regular basis because they keep users engaged due to their dynamic and intuitive interface. We brought this social feel that everyone is familiar with to your daily tasks, so you enjoy doing what you do and discover a new level of productivity.  

Let's take a quick tour!

By now, you must be wondering how the platform looks like and how it can be used. There are no enough words to describe the delicacy and intuitiveness of Yellowdig, so watch this short video:

Exceed your students' expectations on day one

There is nothing more underwhelming to students than a disconnected classroom. The intuitive interface doesn't only keep everyone engaged, but it keeps everyone connected and entertained since students can do much more than sharing plain text posts. Exceed your students' expectations everyday, starting from the first day of school with Yellowdig. Below is a video of a student that had low expectations walking into the first day of classes, only to change them once he started using Yellowdig:

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