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Top 20 Education Technology CEOs

Yellowdig's CEO Named on Top 20 EdTech CEO List

March 31, 2022

Technology Innovators selected the Top 20 EdTech CEOs for 2022, and included Yellowdig's Founder and CEO, Shaunak Roy in this exclusive list. 

They created a profile of Shaunank and Yellowdig - Yellowdig: Transforming the learning experience through conversations. In the profile they share about: 

  1. Shaunak's Background

  2. How Yellowdig came to be

  3. Yellowdig's Strategy & Details

  4. Insights into Shaunak's Leadership

Definitely worth a read to get insights into who we are at Yellowdig!


"To stay on top consistently, EdTech companies should ensure the products they are creating are adaptable and enable their users to be adaptable. For example, Yellowdig can enable users to wade through the uncertainty of modality switching because Yellowdig communities created a point of consistency for all class modalities."

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