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Yellowdig for Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes might have been sparked by the global COVID-19 pandemic as a work-around for classes that cannot be taken remotely, but they are not going anywhere regardless of the status of healthcare systems around the world. In fact, hybrid classes could possibly become the norm since they offer a great level of flexibility while maintaining a relatively rich learning experience due to mixing in-person interaction with virtual learning technologies. Yellowdig can be used in this mix to provide an engaging e-learning experience that can be used for both settings, in the classroom, or remotely: 

Using Yellowdig in the classroom

Although Yellowdig is not a demonstration platform, both students and faculty can use Yellowdig in the classroom to refer back to the posts and comments in their community and open them for face-to-face discussions, take notes to draft future posts while benefitting from the formatting and other features of the platform, or respond to live instructor prompts/questions. There are endless ways to use Yellowdig in a face-to-face environment, referring to our best practices would help you make the best out of your experience with the platform. 

Using Yellowdig remotely

Since a good chunk of hybrid classes usually takes place outside of the classroom (at least half of the classes are conducted remotely), both students and faculty need to be engaged, motivated, and most importantly, be able to exchange ideas with minimal miscommunication throughout the course. Yellowdig allows you to do all of that, while maneuvering around the shortcomings of video conferencing tools such as slow internet connections, finding the right time for class, or making shy students step up. Yellowdig can be used as a complete hybrid solution and the only technology used in your hybrid class. In other words, Yellowdig can be used to transition any traditional, in-person classroom into a hybrid learning community. 

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