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November 2021

"It helped to know I wasn't alone" A Success Story From The University of Tampa

Presenters: Aimee Whiteside (Associate Professor of English and Writing at The University of Tampa) & Jamie Snow (Partnerships Specialist at Yellowdig)


A Social and Gameful Experience (SAGE) Approach to Increase Learner Engagement and Foster Self-Regulation [Learner Engagement Summit]

February 2021

A Student Perspective: Student Panel Webinar


Business Education Panel [Learner Engagement Summit]


Campus to Clouds | Interpersonal Relationships That Matter Keynote - Richard Senese [Learner Engagement Summit]

June 2021

Corporate Learning In the Virtual World Webinar Transcript

March 2021

DePaul University, Future Forward Webinar Transcript

Watch the recording of the DePaul Webinar here.

Read About Future Forward's Success Using Yellowdig as a Virtual Classroom Community for their Co-Curricular Program


Driving Engagement in Language Learning [Learner Engagement Summit]

July 2021

Driving Student Engagement in an English Class


Education 3.0: Connecting the Learning Experience Round Table [Learner Engagement Summit]

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