Student Experience with Yellowdig's Virtual Classroom Platform

Students get more value out of courses that use Yellowdig. Whether on campus or at the kitchen table, they can learn alongside a community of their peers. These kinds of interactions don’t just make the class more fun, they also result in higher grades, less attrition, and more satisfaction.

By the Numbers


of students say Yellowdig makes them feel more connected to their peers.*


of students would rather use Yellowdig for online discussions than other discussion boards they have used.*


of students say Yellowdig's point system is easy to understand.*

A Student Perspective Webinar

Recently in our student panel webinar, we had the opportunity to hear from a group of four students with very diverse backgrounds.

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Student at the University of Rochester

"As a college freshman entering college during a pandemic, it was very difficult to engage with my fellow peers and meet different people. But through my different online classes, especially my really big lectures, Yellowdig provided a phenomenal, phenomenal interface, so that I could both interact and earn points toward my class, but also meet my different classmates and interact with them virtually, which was really great."

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Check out some highlights below

Forming Real Community

Pallas, a graduate student at the University of Vermont studying Public Health, shares her personal experience in Yellowdig Communities that lead to forming real connections with other students, improving her educational experience. 

What is the point system like?

Yellowdig has a unique, patented point system that makes it easy to track your participation. Michael, a graduate student at Drexel University, shares his thoughts on using Yellowdig's gameful learning points system. 

A Freshman's Take

Freshman year you can make friendships that last a lifetime. Now that more and more students' freshman experience is virtual, finding ways to connect virtually are vital. Ian, a student at the University of Rochester studying General Chemistry, shares how Yellowdig was critical to his virtual freshman experience. 

A Student's reflection on using Yellowdig

Anthony, an online Arizona State University student and father of three, shares his impression of Yellowdig. He explains how the gamful learning elements in Yellowdig encouraged him and how Yellowdig improved his class. 

What is Yellowdig?

"Yellowdig removes the distance in distance learning."


Cait B. | Harvard Extension School