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Enjoying Yellowdigging?

Refer an educator and we'll donate to improve educational access.

Our Offer

The Yellowdig Referral Program

Yellowdig will donate $50 to an education charity for each referred educator who adopts Yellowdig Engage *​​

Donations will be split between the 3 charities below, subject to change. 

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"Our work with the girls is collaborative. They are the experts in knowing how their lives are affected by inequality. We are the experts in facilitating the change they need."

Plan International

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"We are re-engaging corporate America to help improve our education system." SuitUp enables active learning through business competitions.  


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UNICEF currently has an emergency response in Ukraine, "prepositioning health, hygiene and emergency education supplies."


The purpose

Why do we have a referral program?

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  1. We are a mission-driven organization to improve learning everywhere it happens. You already are an important part of that mission and we want you to be a bigger part.

  2. You already know Yellowdig improves your life and the lives of your students. A lot of other people do not. We could use your help letting them know!

Refer your colleagues

Invite an educator to request a demo

Please invite the person you would like to refer to fill out a demo request form and indicate "referral program" as their means of finding out about Yellowdig. This will help us let you know when your referred connections start using Yellowdig Engage and we make the $50 donation. 

We recommend sending personalized emails,  sharing about Yellowdig in applicable communities you are a part of, or sharing your Yellowdig experience on social media. 


  1. The program doesn’t apply for a college or institution that is already under contract with Yellowdig.

  2. Referred users must adopt Yellowdig Engage within 6 months of the referral date.

  3. Referred user must use the referring party's unique link to request a demo before signing with Yellowdig, to ensure proper tracking. 

  4. This offer is restricted to 400 donations in total, after meeting the first 3 criteria.

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