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What can I do with my Psychology degree

A degree in Psychology grants you a Graduate Basis for Registration (GBR) which enables you to start in an assistant psychologist post. According to homework helper this is a stepping stone to becoming a Chartered Psychologist for which you will have to complete postgraduate study such as a three-year doctorate. You are likely to need evidence of relevant work experience during your undergraduate degree or after graduation to secure your place; a work placement in clinical psychology would be ideal but anything involving contact with people who need your help or assistance in any way would be suitable. Visits to nursing homes and befriending are possible options show your commitment to pursuing postgraduate study in such a specialised course. Nearly 27 percent of the 2009 Psychology graduates chose to pursue further studies, and specialise further in similar fields.


Other career options such as forensic psychologist, health psychologist, occupational psychologist or clinical neuropsychologist may require additional qualifications such as a one-year MSc programme or diploma.

To get into the education sector, or to eventually become an educational psychologist, you will need a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), or Scottish Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). This will qualify you as a teacher, a point from which you can more smoothly progress into educational psychology.

As a Psychologist, ask expert tutors free from and opportunities can be found within the National Health Service (NHS), multinationals, and the local councils – your particular specialisation will lead you into one or a combination of these workplace environments.

Other indirectly related roles you may pursue involve people management. Work as a careers adviser or other form of counsellor could be an area of interest. Additionally, practising psychotherapy may be more what you’re looking for from your psychology degree. Other management work such as in human resources can also be a popular option while PR and marketing also involve some understanding of human psychology.

Don’t know where to go with your qualification? This degree has some great transferable skills attached to it; you can ask expert tutors free and employers will be attracted by your numeracy, ability to work in teams and by yourself, to research and communicating in a logical way. If you have decided not to pursue a career in the field of psychology, you should not have much difficulty moving across into research, accounting, and other technical/numerate sectors. Of the Psychology graduates, almost 16 percent chose to work as social & welfare professionals. There are also big opportunities within the health and education sector, whilst other occupations such as police officers is also a possible direction.

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