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"What to write about?": searching for ideas for a book

First, let's clarify what an idea is. An idea is the core of a story, the main idea that you put into a work. It's, for example, the sacramental "love will save the world" or "good will conquer evil," "what if I suddenly wake up in another world," or "what if I were a magician?"

The idea is a necessary part of the story. Moreover, essay writing serivce 3 hours it is the spark, the impetus that sparks the writer's interest in the work. It is with the emergence of an idea that the desire - to write the story - usually emerges.

Ideas can be big and global - for one (or several books) and small - the idea of an interesting character or situation.

How ideas arise

1. "Hodgepodge" - ideas from accumulated information.

We assimilate a huge amount of information in the course of life. What we memorize, and something we think we forget. However, "forgotten" does not disappear, any information is either fully/partially stored in memory or thought over, and conclusions are also stored in memory from what we have learned and the experience we have had. And at the subconscious level, information is constantly being worked on.

It is very difficult to trace the emergence of an idea from the "hodgepodge". It can be a science homework help dream, may "suddenly" emerge from childhood memories because of any vivid impression, or may simply appear at the moment of thinking about a situation, which is not related to the idea. But in any case, it is the result of thought, life experience. And it appears, as it sometimes seems to us, out of nowhere. And it is the most interesting type of ideas, the most original and profound, personal and "authorial.

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