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Yellowdig Engage Product Update 2/19


  • Password complexity checking. This strengthens the security of users’ accounts.

  • Post reply-to threading UI. This distinguishes replies to comments from replies to posts, making it easier to read and track long conversations.

  • Avatar hover card. This allows users to follow and directly message each other by hovering over their picture in the feed.

  • Interactive LTI launch setup flow. This allows instructors to copy content and settings from template Communities, customize the name of their Community, and place their Community in the subnetwork of their choice.

Bug Fixes:

  • fix LTI launch bug related to D2L administrator

  • fix bug with notification toggle buttons

  • flow for Safari third party cookie restrictions

  • fix un-styled html flash

  • fix for same site cookie restrictions

  • many internal ops improvements

  • fixed tracking of views on own posts

  • various small UI improvements



Brian Hurlow is the Director of Technology at Yellowdig.

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