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Yellowdig Engage Product Update 3/20


  • New display of pending invitations on Communities page

  • Improved appearance of direct message creation dialogue and mobile styles. (Note: Direct messaging is in beta. Email us at to request access.)

  • Improved handling of unsupported video formats

  • Permalinks for comments

  • New time zones

  • Network admins can prevent users from changing their primary email

  • Security enhancements

  • Users can search for discoverable boards

Performance Improvements:

  • Point calculation speed improvements (beta)

Bug Fixes:

  • When a user is removed from a network, all relevant board associations are now removed unless they are a board owner

  • When a board is removed, all related notification rows are removed

  • After invitation list is submitted, input is cleared



Brian Hurlow is the Director of Technology at Yellowdig.

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