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The Necessary Transformation of Higher Education-- What Comes Next?

In an ever-changing world, it is becoming increasingly apparent that higher education needs to develop as well. The COVID-19 pandemic forever altered how higher education can function– and some great re-altering has come from it.

At the helm of innovation are two industry experts: Dr. Josh Kim and Dr. Genevieve Feliú. Moderated by Yellowdig CEO Shaunak Roy, Yellowdig held a webinar on potential future roles of teaching faculty and the evolving landscape of higher education featuring both Josh and Genevieve. Before we dig into the webinar highlights, let’s take a chance to meet the speakers.

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Josh Kim, Director of Online Programs and Strategy, Dartmouth College

“All day long, I think about where my institution is going into the future in terms of online learning, and how we can leverage online learning to advance and improve liberal arts instruction.”

Dr. Genevieve Feliú, Vice President of Innovation, Capella University

“I've been driven [for] a long time by trying to understand what are the behaviors that will help us all learn better and move to the to the finish line in a better way together.

Shaunak Roy, Founder & CEO, Yellowdig

"And one of the questions that I want to pose to our panelists today, is that, given so much is happening… what can we do? What can we do as leaders in this space, as you know, colleges, professors, instructional designers, as people who are responsible for some of these changes that are happening?”

Numbers Don’t Lie

From Fall 2019 to Fall 2021, American universities have experienced a