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This Fall Brings Large Point System and Grade Passback Improvements

Recent Improvements to Our Points System

Feedback we have heard made it clear that there was potential confusion around two aspects of our points system:

  1. Points fill one big bucket for the semester

  2. There is a buffer that allows users to earn points beyond their current week's requirement to get ahead

This October we set out to fix these points of confusion by drastically revising how our points are displayed, creating a more seamless user experience. Here's a few things we did to help:

We have now put the total points earned above student grades and their period points at the top left. This should help in two ways:

  1. This number never goes down. It is that one big bucket that gets filled, which we hope will help people realize they aren't losing anything as each new week starts.

  2. It will keep going up even when the grade tops out, which it will do at 100% because we cannot pass a grade to the LMS systems that is above 100%.

To further help with understanding point earning we have put "How to earn points" as a link below the point area. This previously was accessible by clicking on the grade area but many people didn't realize you could that.

We have put in 3 new visualizations in the "My Participation" page to show people how they are accumulating points each week and across the term. I'd invite you to check them out and tell your students about them, but they are:

Periodic Pace - Shows the points they have for this week and their weekly amounts they can earn. This includes an indication of being able to go above the target, which is the point at which their grade will be 100%.

Points Over Time - This is a line graph that shows students their point earning in each of the earning periods and how it compares to the amount needed to stay on pace to reach the total goal.

A blue dot is used to represent the target for each point earning period. If students keep their point earning above the blue dots, then they are on pace to reach the total goal (the top-right blue dot, which is also the last periodic target).

Hovering over the blue dots reveals their points at the time, the target, and the date of the end of each period. Dividing points by the target for any given date (i.e., blue dot) would allow a student to know their grade at the end of each past grading period.