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January Product Update

Catch the latest in Yellowdig's Engage platform

We've had a slew of updates to our Engage platform this past month, and we want to share what they are and why they were implemented. Every update is live in the platform, so go check them out!

  1. Points Communication Improvements

  2. Bookmarked Conversations

  3. Student Onboarding Flow

  4. Topics Without Points Feature

Points Communication Improvements

Improved points system

Thanks to the upcoming points and grade communication improvements, understanding the points system is more accessible than ever. Enhancements to the points widget and participation page make it easy for members to know how many points they have, how much they have to earn, and how to meet (and exceed!) community expectations.

An updated point widget at the top-right shows students their total points earned, their pace for the current earning Period, and a brightly colored status banner that shows them exactly what is expected for their participation.

The points widget now updates students on points earned in a period.

Additionally, a new point details modal unites all other communications about points and how to earn them into a single area. Learners can easily view this without losing their current place on the community page. The modal includes a new log with additional details, arranged by period and sorted in reverse chronological order. This includes a running tally of grade changes.