[ACBSP Session] Improving Student Success and Retention with Yellowdig

Updated: Apr 26

Learning requires community, and instructor/student interface (often limited to an LMS) isn’t enough for an institution to create it. To foster real relationships, you need to cultivate real interaction. When this happens, online learning becomes vibrant, and curriculum comes alive with fluid evolution.

Capella University saw a need for more relationships at all stages of the college journey and trusted the Yellowdig platform to help them build the right kinds of communities. They established expectations for students and encouraged faculty to adapt and iterate on program infrastructure. Various approaches were in competition, and as they gathered more data, the best ideas proved themselves.

ACBSP invited representatives from both Yellowdig and Capella University to share the details of their implementation journey at the 2020 Virtual Conference. Throughout the presentation both parties talked about how the creation of metrics allowed Capella to apply evidence to their decision making, allowing for informed adjustments and a period of exponential KPI improvement. Once they found the right practices, they were able to standardize their use of Yellowdig while still leaving room for innovation.

Some takeaways on what a healthy learning community requires:

  1. Students consistently taking time to participate. Students should be posting from day one, not scrambling at the end of the semester to get caught up.