A Student Perspective of Yellowdig

Updated: Apr 7

At the center of Yellowdig is community and at the center of community are the learners. We value the experience and insights from students very highly, which is why we have put a lot of effort into making sure their voices are heard.

Recently in our student panel webinar, we had the opportunity to hear from 4 students with very diverse backgrounds.


In this blog we share:

Anthony, Arizona State University

  • Degree information: Political Science

  • Profession: Currently at American Honda as a Packaging Engineer.

Pallas, University of Vermont

  • Degree information: Master’s of Public Health, Harvard Undergrad

  • Profession: Project manager for the division of sleep and circadian disorders at Brigham and Women's University in their sleep education programs for high school students and college students.

  • “ I've taken some courses that were using the blackboard discussion forums and others that have used Yellowdig and my program has subsequently required that all courses Use Yellowdig because pretty universally, students seem to think it's a better experience. And I certainly agree, at least in my experience, the format, the interface on Yellowdig is just a lot more intuitive. I think that when you're in a discussion board, it can feel very cumbersome to have to click into all of these separate threads rather than see more of a news feed style approach, which doesn't mean you can't filter content [on Yellowdig], it's actually quite easy to filter by topic, but the presentation is just a lot more intuitive and natural to use. I find myself much more interested in visiting my the Yellowdig discussion that I was about going into the discussion board, which really felt like a chore. I enjoy being in Yellowdig, I think it's just so easy."

Ian, University of Rochester

  • Degree information: Freshman studying General Chemistry

  • Profession: Full-time student.

  • “As a college freshman entering college during a pandemic, it was very difficult to engage with my fellow peers and meet different people. But through my different online classes, especially my really big lectures, Yellowdig provided a phenomenal, phenomenal interface, so that I could both interact and earn points toward my class, but also meet my different classmates and interact with them virtually, which was really great."

Michael, Drexel University

  • Degree information:<