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8 Things Yellowdig is Thankful for in 2020

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

It’s that time of year again! Although we are extremely grateful for our amazing supporters, partners, investors, and employees all year round, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight everything we are especially thankful for this year, especially in a year when it’s extremely important to be reminded of the good that still exists.

Overall, we are thankful to be improving the online classroom experience for all students and instructors. See 8 specific points of gratitude below:

  1. In a time when many businesses were hit hard, we are extremely grateful that we have been able to grow this year. ⭐ We have added 8 people to our growing team and are now international with an Indian and Canadian team built out. ⭐ We have added over 15 institutional partners.

  2. We are thankful for the ability to help ease the transition to online learning for professors amid the global pandemic (even though Yellowdig works great for in-person too 😉). We did this by offering a no-cost pilot to instructors who wanted to improve their classroom. We started the offer right when the need was clear in March and have continued to be a part of creating an effective transition online to date. We will continue to offer no no-cost pilots for the Spring 2021 semester. ⭐ Since March we have been able to offer over 125 no-cost pilots for professors to help make their classroom the best it can be.

  3. We are beyond thankful to be blessed with fantastic clients who go above and beyond in our platform. ⭐ We have professors who have conducted their own research on Yellowdig, including Vicki Hart’s research on how she used Yellowdig as a help forum. ⭐ We have clients innovatively using our platform for various unique use cases like University of Nebraska-Lincoln who utilized a Yellowdig Community for their first virtual new student orientation.

  4. We are super grateful for all the wonderful feedback we have received from our users too! Below is just a sample, to see more check out our testimonials page or follow us on Twitter.

5. This year was a big year for our product and we couldn’t be more thankful.

⭐In October we received a patent for our points system.

⭐ This fall we also released 2 big updates to Yellowdig Engage. Our team added new visuals to make the point system more clear (one example shown below). We also added a grade sync button to give students and professors agency over when their grades are passed back to their LTI.

⭐This year we also released a new public API offering, which allows all customers to export detailed interaction data from their communities. We look forward to seeing how customers use this data to uncover insights about learning communities and beyond!

6. Our new Angel Investors from Robin Hood Ventures and Sustain VC are a huge part of our current and future growth and we are exceptionally grateful to them for their support.

7. Looking ahead to the future - we are thankful for all the hard work our developers have put in to be able to release a mobile app in 2021! We are also excited to be nearing release of a front-end redesign that simplifies the interface, student navigation, and includes a “Home” experience for students where they will see interesting new posts they have not viewed and stats about their participation.

8. Last but certainly not least, we are always grateful for our amazing team. From advisors to developers we are lucky to have the best! We have great leadership that enables us to be the best we can be and work together to make an impact in the higher education space. Every individual team within Yellowdig is constantly exceeding expectations and is full of extremely dedicated individuals. Our team is fun, goofy, and thoughtful and it makes it such a joy to work with everyone each day!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Yellowdig! We hope we have given you something to be thankful for this year!


Any questions? Please reach out to and we'd be happy to speak with you!

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