5 Spooky Online Teaching Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Apr 23

As Halloween rolls around the corner, we wanted to help you to save the spooking for the holiday by keeping it out of your classroom. We have compiled 5 common mistakes instructors make while running an online class to keep you from falling victims to these easy tricks. Read to the bottom and you may even find yourself a special treat from the Yellowdig team!

Below are some common mistakes teachers can avoid to thoughtfully build communities in a virtual learning setting:

1) Requiring students to reply to your prompts in discussion boards

This very common but very detrimental mistake is a root cause of many discussion board problems. It stifles any opportunities for real conversations, and instead encourages students to write mini-essays for the professor. Then, it results in many students repeating the same thing over and over again or struggling to find a new angle that hasn't been written to avoid plagiarizing.