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10 things to know about Yellowdig from 2020

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Yellowdig is an Education Technology Company Driving Change in Virtual Classrooms

This year has been a whirlwind for the entire world, and the education industry has had its own unique challenges. Here at Yellowdig, that was no exception. Although this year had it’s clear challenges for everyone, including the EdTech space, our team was able to come together and persevere.

We listened to what the education market’s needs were as they changed throughout the year and worked very hard to adapt with offerings that would help to lessen the difficulty of teaching and learning during this trying year.

We helped professors who were accustomed to teaching fully in person classes maintain and often increase engagement among students while transitioning to remote or hybrid classes. Below are a few highlights from the year.

  1. We quickly adapted to the needs of the education industry as the pandemic hit. Our team created the free pilot offering from scratch from feedback in the market and will continue to expand it in 2021.

2. We have had incredible growth within current partnerships, with many clients up 200-300% (or more) in usage year over year.

3. Our Client Success team onboarded 4x more users for Fall 2020 than any previous semester.

4. Yellowdig Engage scaled to 30k user posts per day.

5 .In a year when many companies had to lay off employees, we are lucky to have been able to add 9 new team members in 2020 and have an additional team member joining in January of 2021.

Client Success - We added roles to tactically address user needs. Jon Miron - Client Success Onboarding Specialist Bob Ertischek - Academic Lead Ravi Theja - Client Success Associate Development Brandon Wong - Full Stack Developer Rodrigo Mantica - Frontend Developer Marketing Deb Bolton - CMO (contract) Brianna Bannach - Growth Marketing Associate Julian B. - Growth Marketing Associate Partnerships Gerry Meyle - Associate Partnership Manager Jim Gandolfo - Education Partnerships Manager

6. Our team published our first E-Book. Our Efficacy E-Book that released in October shares data-driven success stories from many of our partners including Arizona State University, showing increased engagement and retention.

7. Our development team made immense improvements to the application. With most of our partners transferred over to the Engage platform as we plan to sunset Yellowdig Classic completely by Summer 2021, our focus was to improve the user experience for the application. Working steadily throughout the year to fix bugs and improve the feel of the platform, the year culminated with the big releases of a Freeform Points System and a navigational redesign for a cleaner feel. Learn more about these releases in our December 2020 Product Update.

8. We launched the Courseware Licensing model with increased flexibility for partners.

9. We have tightened the feedback loops between Client Success and Development teams leading to great impact on a number of extremely useful features (e.g., Point Displays, Grade Passback pages, student sync button).

10. Our point system received a patent!

We look forward to all of the opportunities 2021 will bring to continue our growth and to help our partners to create a positive impact in the world of education. We are optimistic that the upcoming year will be full of continued innovation with strong communities of students and faculty supporting each other to create better educational and experiential outcomes.

Keep an eye out for exciting happenings in the near future like our upcoming Yellowdig Awards!

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year from everyone on the Yellowdig team!

Any questions? Please reach out to and we'd be happy to speak with you!

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