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We’re Digging Yellowdig: New Discussion Platform!

North Carolina Shares About Yellowdig

April 19, 2023

Jill Anderson delves into the challenges of fostering engaging online discussions and introduces Yellowdig as a solution. Here are a few key topics:

  • Why does NC State value fostering *real* online discussions?

  • How they have seen Yellowdig as a way to help.

  • Feedback from instructors and students about Yellowdig.


"A number of faculty have been using Yellowdig through DELTA’s trial of the tool and have been pleased. One says, “It is a much more dynamic and satisfying platform than the traditional online forum, and in many ways the engagement has been richer than observed in face-to-face courses in the past.”'

About the Author

Jill Anderson

Jill is the Lead Instructional Technologist at North Carolina State University. She is an advocate of the Universal Design for Learning.

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