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International Business Times

Meet The Man Using Social Media To Transform The Way Students Learn

IBT Features Yellowdig's Founder

October 26, 2022

The article explores how Shaunak Roy's Yellowdig platform redefines the relationship between social media and education, offering a gamified learning environment that fosters community-driven discussions and active participation. Key aspects include:

  • Integration of social media dynamics into learning.

  • Enhancement of student engagement and satisfaction.

  • Challenge to traditional educational models.

It dives into research findings highlight Yellowdig's effectiveness and potential:

  • Increased student satisfaction and engagement.

  • Positive impact on learning outcomes.

  • Potential for a transformative shift in education technology.


"Our mission at Yellowdig has always been to enhance the learning process not only for students, but for educators and instructors as well. By embracing certain aspects of social media channels, we have been able to create a learning environment that is joyful, interactive and gamified. Many complain that the education system has been relatively rigid and stuck in its ways for a number of years now. Yellowdig is ripping up the rulebook - and the effects are beyond encouraging." ~ Shaunak Roy

About the Author

Rhodri Collins

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