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Using Tech to Enhance Engagement

Babson Faculty Share About Using Yellowdig

September 6, 2022

Crittenden and Gray present their thoughts behind for leveraging educational technology platforms with social media-like features to facilitate meaningful discussions and enhance student engagement, particularly around topics of diversity and inclusion. Here's why professors should take note:

Utilizing Technology: By adopting edtech platforms like Yellowdig, professors can create interactive spaces where students engage in rich discussions beyond traditional Q&A formats, leveraging social media dynamics without external distractions.

Promoting Active Learning: Yellowdig's gamified approach encourages students to take ownership of discussions, driving exploration of diverse perspectives and deepening understanding of complex topics like market segmentation and inclusive marketing.

Transformative Impact: Through student-led conversations on Yellowdig, educators witness profound shifts in students' perceptions and awareness of societal issues, signaling the potential for technology-enabled learning experiences to drive meaningful change.

Key Takeaways: The article emphasizes the importance of faculty relinquishing control, embracing unpredictability, and fostering empathy to create inclusive and engaging online learning environments. Moreover, it highlights the need for sustainable approaches to technology integration to mitigate burnout and ensure long-term success.


"We must be willing to give up control. Controlled learning is often passive learning, which educators want to avoid. On the contrary, technology can enable us to guide conversation topics, while letting students own the conversations themselves."

About the Author

Victoria L. Crittenden, Cheryl Gray

Victoria L. Crittenden is a Professor of Marketing and Babson Research Scholar at Babson College. Cheryl Gray is a Senior Course Production Designer at Babson College.

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